A 31-year old Utah man died in Baghdad last weekend in one of three attacks that left six U.S. soldiers dead and four others wounded.
    Sgt. Clint Ferrin, North Ogden, and two other soldiers from the 1st Armored Division were killed on Saturday in southeast Baghdad when their vehicle was struck by a homemade bomb while they were conducting a patrol at about 10:45 p.m.
    A fourth soldier in the patrol was critically wounded, said an Army spokesman, who added, "It's been a tough, tragic weekend."
    Earlier that day in Tikrit, a homemade bomb and small-arms fire killed Capt. John Kurth, 31, of Wisconsin, and Spc. Jason Ford, 21, of Maryland, and wounded three others from the 1st Infantry Division when their patrol was attacked at about 4:55 a.m. The wounded soldiers were reported in stable condition, according to the Department of Defense.
    And on Sunday, an improvised explosive device killed a 1st Infantry Division soldier in Baghdad. The homemade bombs have become the leading cause of casualties among U.S. troops stationed in Iraq.
    This weekend's casualties were the first suffered by the 1st Infantry Division since its arrival in Baghdad in late February, said Pentagon officials. The unit is part of the military rotation replacing soldiers of the 4th Infantry Division in the region.
    Names of the soldiers killed in Baghdad have not yet been released. But Ferrin's family confirmed that he was among the dead in Saturday's attack in the southeast section of the Iraqi capital city.
    "He was a patriot," said Ferrin's father, Dan. "He was a wonderful family man as well. He will be greatly missed."
    John Ferrin remembered his brother's advice when John's Utah National Guard unit was mobilized in August 2002 to beef up security at the Tooele Army Depot during a year-long tour of duty stateside.
    "He told me to take my job seriously," said John Ferrin. "That was his advice and that's how he lived his life."
    Clint Ferrin was married to the former Melinda Satterthwaite, also from North Ogden. They were the parents of a son and daughter: Zackery, 6, and Madison, 3.
    A 12-year career military man, Clint Ferrin was a member of the 82nd Airborne Division, stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C. He had served in Kosovo, Bosnia, Africa, Afghanistan from January to July 2003 and, since shortly after Christmas, Iraq.
    He attended Weber High School until his family moved to Mississippi, where he graduated and joined the military. Utah was his home, said Dan Ferrin, who added that his daughter- in-law will return with the children to North Ogden to live near their families; Ferrin also will be buried there.
    Clint Ferrin is survived by his parents, Dan and Rosemary Ferrin, and his younger siblings, Sabrina, Amy (Bauerle), John and Brandon.
    Nine Utahns or those with strong ties to the state have been killed in the Persian Gulf since the nation's military build-up in the region last year.