A U.S. Army soldier who called Salt Lake City home was killed in a roadside suicide bombing in Afghanistan, family members said Wednesday.
    Rocky Herrera, 43, was killed when his unit was approached by a suicide bomber in a vehicle that detonated while the soldiers were building a bridge. Two other U.S. soldiers died and six were injured during the accident, family members said.
    After serving in Iraq a few years ago, Herrera departed for his Afghanistan tour in May. Family members said they expected him home sometime in early 2008.
    Herrera was raised in Salt Lake City's west side. His family gathered Wednesday at his mother Elaine's house, where he also grew up.
    He is survived by his wife, Traci; daughter, Clarissa, 16; stepdaughter, Tristan, 20; all who are living in Fort Lewis, Wash., where Herrera was stationed. Herrera's sons Matt, 22, and Mark, 20, live in Salt Lake City.