The following is the text of an e-mail to The Salt Lake Tribune from Amy Galvez. The letter was written just hours before she learned her son, Adam, had been killed in Iraq.
    From: Amy Galvez
    Subject: Mayor Anderson and Cindy Sheehan
    Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006 14:00:02 -0700 (PDT)
    Once again, it is time for the voices of military families to be heard. As the time approaches for Mayor Rocky Anderson, joined by Cindy Sheehan, to raise their voices and denounce the job my son and other servicemen are doing, I cannot remain silent.
    I understand that many people do not support the war in Iraq, the global war on terror. Many would rather wait until something happens here at home and deal with it then. That is fine to have that opinion. What is not fine, is an elected official speaking to the world and condemning the job our service men and women are doing. But, it hits closer to home than that.
    My son, who is a resident of Salt Lake City, is now in Iraq. He was sent there by the United States to do a job. The Mayor of Salt Lake City will grab headlines by speaking out against the job my son, a resident of his city, is doing. I know that Mayor Anderson says he supports the troops but not the war. You cannot say you support the troops and tell the world that what they are doing is wrong. Mayor Anderson's words will play worldwide. This will be seen on Aljazeera TV and throughout the communities where America is hated.
    I believe that the words of Mayor Anderson, as well as other elected officials who speak out against our military and their mission, in essence, give support and momentum to the enemy. This, in turn, puts the lives or our sons, fighting on our behalf, in greater jeopardy. I heard it appropriately put by Tammy Bruce, who said "when you make the world mad at the Marines, it is easier to kill them."
    My belief is that American lives have been lost in this war because the enemy has been emboldened by our own words, actions and lack of support for our own mission. America will always be hated by many throughout the world. That won't change. Regardless of your politics, supporting our military, who is mostly made up of very young American volunteers, should be our foremost concern.
    Mayor Anderson should go before the cameras and say thank you to every American troop, especially those from Salt Lake, for their heroic duty instead of undermining their efforts.
    Amy Galvez
    Proud American and Very Proud Marine Mom