A family's unrealized dreams reflect the plight of refugees

After a lifetime of losses, they believed America would save them. But their fragile new start in Utah faded into sorrow at the murder of their beloved only daughter. "We came from Burma where we had a lot of trials in our past life. Then we come to America and it happens again."

Chapter 1

After fleeing civil war and living for years in refugee camps, a family endures tragedy in America.

Chapter 2

Hser Ner Moo's parents yearn to confront her accused killer, but are frustrated by delays.

Chapter 3

Two families leave a camp to start new lives in Utah -- but both are suddenly devastated.

Chapter 4

A year later, a grieving mother worries, "We may not be able to regain the strength we had."

Surprising anguish in America

Across the nation, refugees feel abandoned. The Obama administration is planning changes.

Doubting America's promise

As stories of hardship travel back to refugee camps, some question their chances for a better life.

Julia Lyon reported this project in collaboration with the International Reporting Project, an independent, nonprofit journalism program that provides grants to U.S. journalists to report overseas. The IRP publishes the articles it produces at internationalreportingproject.org.