Mayor Rocky Anderson Administrative Goals 2007





Mayor’s Goal Team




Mayor Rocky Anderson Administrative Goals 2007



Mayor’s Goal Team

Mayor Rocky Anderson

DJ Baxter

Vicki Bennett

Nancy Boskoff

Chris Burbank

Rocky Fluhart

Yolanda Francisco-Nez

Steve Fawcett

Jordan Gates

Rick Graham

Sam Guevara

Tim Harpst

Leroy Hooton

Alison McFarlane

Chuck Querry

Patrick Thronson

Ed Rutan

Janet Wolf

Louis Zunguze



Mayor Rocky Anderson Administrative Goals 2007




§         Fully implement the One-Stop-Shop (Louis)


§         Create Citizens Task Force for liquor law reform in an effort to support economic development and tourism promotion. Explore elimination of private club membership and other barriers to hospitality and business development.  (Alison / DJ / Rocky / Sam / Ed)


§         Establish priorities, plans, and funding for major West Side improvements beyond CIP Program (Alison / Louis / Rick / Tim)


§         Develop CBD Cultural Block Strategic Plan including Performing Arts Center assessment and Utah Theater renovation/master plan.  (Alison / Rocky / Louis / DJ / Sam)


§         Develop incentives & implement regulatory changes to encourage re-use of surface parking lots. ( DJ / Alison / Louis / Ed)


§         Develop and test ideas of usage of City right-of-way for development - make better use of wide city streets (DJ / Alison / Tim / Louis)


§         Develop/implement Friday night concerts in Pioneer Park (Nancy / Louis / Rick /  Rocky)


§         Develop Sunday Farmers Market and provide opportunity for Local First’s local, independent vendors to showcase products and service. (Alison / Louis / Rick)


§         Create a Celebrity Walk – Hand-prints, foot-prints and signatures, of local and national celebrities (Alison / Rocky / Nancy / Sam / Patrick / DJ)


§         Art contest – Bike racks (Tim / Nancy / Louis)


§         Research and develop new ideas to enliven Downtown Salt Lake City Streets (DJ / Nancy / Alison / Louis)


§         Identify and support community efforts to serve people of all ages through the City Arts Grants program (Nancy / Louis)


§         Launch a campaign to have Salt Lake City recognized as one of the top five “arts destinations” for mid-sized cities (Nancy)


§         Gallery Stroll – Provide shuttle service (Nancy)


§         Broadway Boulevard – add light elements (Tim / Rocky / Louis)


§         Pioneer Park kiosk (Rick / Rocky / Sam)


§         Finish Grant Tower Project (DJ / Ed / Steve)


§         Develop Master Plan for segregated bike lanes (Tim / Louis)


§         Expand the bicycle route system in the downtown (Tim / Louis)


§         Close off traffic on certain streets to allow bicycling across town – Public campaign and celebrations (Tim / Louis)


§         Salt Lake City Reads Together - generate more publicity.  Set up program on City web site where people can keep track of the books they have read.  Book reading contest.  Be involved with more events surrounding the program (Sam / Patrick / Nancy / Janet / Rocky)


§         Salt Lake City Gets Fit Together – develop/implement next program (Rick / Sam / Patrick / Janet / Rocky)


§         SLCTV Channel 17 – develop more programming and widen coverage (Sam / DJ / Patrick)


§         Maximize the services accessible to the citizenry/employees through the City’s Web Site (Steve / Patrick / Sam)


§         Create electronic historical archive detailing major policy issues and legacy of the administration. Archive will be accessible on the internet as a historical resource and will serve to enhance institutional memory (Patrick / Rocky / Sam / Ed)


§         Work with Salt Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau to create and promote Salt Lake International Jazz Festival travel/hotel packages. (Alison / Rocky)


§         Provide, through planning and preparation, an effective disaster prevention, mitigation, response, and recovery program (Steve)


§         Expand youth and adult recreation program opportunities by constructing the bond-authorized Salt Lake Regional Athletic Complex – finalize deal with Real Salt Lake (Rick / Rocky)


§         Guadalupe School at Sorenson Unity Center (Rick / Rocky)


§         Facilitate development of Salt Lake City’s existing Fleet Block as a comprehensive downtown mixed-use development. (Alison / Louis)


§         Complete Foreign Trade Zone application (Alison / Louis)


§         Incorporate sustainability initiatives into economic development plan for business outreach (Alison / Rocky / Louis)


Mayor Rocky Anderson Administrative Goals 2007




§         Increase the public relations capacity of the Police Department (Chris)


§         Implement the Automated Vehicle Locator (AVL) program to increase the organization’s efficiency, effectiveness and officer safety (Chris)


§         Yearly courtesy training for all police officers.  Develop logo and slogan (Chris)


§         Increase recruitment in both sworn and non-sworn positions / Ramp up minority recruiting, including work with young people (Chris / Janet)


§         Work with media in reporting on monthly basis the number of citations issued for pedestrian-related or bicycle-related violations.  (Aggressive enforcement, including at TRAX stations.)  Also report comparative data on pedestrian deaths and injuries (Chris / Patrick / Tim)


§         Launch campaign with the overall goal of reducing the incidence of sexual violence in Salt Lake City. Educate citizens about resources available to victims of sexual violence, the law enforcement process in cases of sexual assault, and ways institutions and individuals can help address the problem (Patrick / Chris)


§         More Effective Prosecution of Public Nuisances (Ed / Chris)


§         Fire Department will work with the firefighters who did not meet the performance standard of the Task Performance Test (TPT) and improve their fitness so that 10% of them will meet the fitness standard every six months (Chuck)


§         Fire Department to maintain a response time of five minutes or less for all life threatening emergencies (Chuck)


§         Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) Installation and Training (Chuck)


§         Medical Surveillance Software (Firstwatch) Installation and Training (Chuck)


§         Fire safety campaign for holiday season (Chuck / Patrick)


§         Develop and implement a citywide communications plan in the event of an emergency or disaster (Patrick / Steve)


§         Implement public campaign about restorative justice programs (Patrick / Sam / Rocky / Chris / Sim)


§         Improve traffic signal efficiency and safety for left-turning vehicles (Tim)


§         Lobby for red light camera enforcement (DJ / Tim / Chris / Sam / Ed / Rocky)


§         Bicycle, motorcycle and motor-driven cycle Helmet Ordinance (Tim / Louis / Sam / Ed / Jordan)


§         No hand-held cell phones or other electronic devices while driving Ordinance (Sam / DJ / Rick / Ed)


§         Assure funding and employees for youth programs in Liberty, Fairmont Park and Memory Grove (Janet / Steve)


§         Expand YouthCity programs and capacity (Janet / Rick / Steve)


§         Pursue effective drug prevention and harm reduction strategies in schools, youth programs, churches, and families (Sam / Janet / Rocky)


§         Major campaign on alcohol – DUI enforcement publicity, impact on developing brains (Sam / Chris / Janet / Rocky)




Mayor Rocky Anderson Administrative Goals 2007




§         Lobby for state incentives for consumers to utilize alternative energy (Jordan / Vicki / Ed / Rocky / DJ / Sam) 


§         Set baseline and determine increases/decreases in air quality for entire city (Vicki / Jordan)


§         Solicit ideas from the public, including students, about how we can achieve better air quality and protect our climate (Vicki / Jordan / Janet)


§         Educate employers about tax incentives for employees to ride public transportation (Jordan / Vicki / Patrick)


§         Significantly increase public information and education regarding alternative fuels (Vicki / Jordan / Patrick)


§         Develop plan to convert all City vehicles to alternative fuels or high-efficiency vehicles (Rick / Vicki / Jordan)


§         All City vehicles capable of utilizing alternative fuels must use alternative fuels (Rick / Vicki / Jordan)


§         Change take-home car policy to deter driving low mileage city cars long distances (Rick / Chris / Chuck / Steve)


§         Anti-idling mechanisms to be installed in city-owned trucks     (Rick / Vicki / Jordan) 


§         Anti-idling policy / Anti-idling ordinance (Jordan / Vicki / Rick / Ed)


§         Public campaign: Call hotline if you see polluting vehicle     (Jordan / Patrick) 


§         Air quality monitoring sign (Jordan / Patrick / Sam)


§         Initiate special discounts on transit passes for downtown employees. (DJ / Jordan / Alison)


§         All electricity used by City covered by renewable energy credits such as Pax Natura, Blue Sky (or other RECs) (Jordan / Vicki / Rick / Tim / Steve)


§         Campaign to increase consumer purchases of renewable energy credits (Jordan / Vicki) 


§         Purchase of green tags for all city employee airline travel - Policy / Executive Order (Ed  / Jordan / Rocky / Steve)


§         Revise ordinances, following recommendations by Sustainability Committee (Louis / Vicki / Rocky / Jordan / Ed)


§         Investigate possibility of paperless Justice Court (Ed)


§         Draft Comprehensive 5-Year and 10-Year Climate Protection and Air Quality Plan (Vicki / Jordan / Rocky)


§         All fluorescents or LED in all City buildings. No incandescent bulbs, including holiday lighting (Rick / Jordan) 


§         Make the City & County Building carbon neutral (Rick / Jordan)


§         Lights out policy / Executive Order (Jordan / Ed / Rocky)


§         Public lights out campaign (Jordan / Patrick)


§         Explain / provide to the general public solutions to global warming (Jordan / Patrick / Rocky)


§         Increase membership in e2 Business and e2 Citizen programs and implement an e2 Student program (Jordan / Vicki / Janet)


§         Youth poetry and essay contest - air quality and/or global warming (Nancy  / Janet / Jordan)


§         Sundance Summit (2007) – Line up program and sign up 60 mayors (Rocky / Jordan)


§         Aggressive outreach to national mayors for climate protection campaign and Leadership Summits on Sustainability.  Advocate more aggressive federal policy for climate issues.  (Rocky / Jordan)


§         Plan two-day town meeting on Air Quality, Energy, and Climate Change (Vicki / Rocky / Jordan / Patrick / Sam)


§         Draft brochure on Air Quality, Energy, and Climate Change (Vicki / Rocky / Jordan / Patrick / Sam)


§         Work with other Utah mayors and NGO’s on GHG reduction plans including membership with ICLEI (Vicki / Rocky / Jordan / Patrick / Sam)


§         Policy / Executive Order: Energy Star equipment (Ed  / Jordan)


§         Finalize Climate Change booklet and distribute to Utah mayors and Sundance Summit participants (Jordan / Rocky / Vicki / Patrick / Sam)


§         Submit and promote ordinance that will, in a few years, require all buildings to meet LEED requirements / Solicit community support (Louis / Jordan / Rocky / Rick / Vicki / Ed)


§         Submit and promote ordinance that immediately provides incentives for private sector to meet LEED requirements / Solicit community support (Louis / Jordan / Rocky / Rick / Vicki)


§         Create task force on city heating district and city wind farm or solar project.  Prepare recommendations to City Council (Jordan / Rocky / Rick / Patrick / Sam)


§         Encourage City Council to adopt policy committing 1% of General Fund budget to alternative energy investments (Rocky / Jordan / Sam)


§         Resolution: Policy – Goal: 3%/year reductions in GHGs for 10 years (from 2001 levels) / 70% reduction by 2040 (Vicki / Rocky / Jordan / Ed)


§         Ordinance prohibiting recyclable materials to be deposited in refuse cans (Rick / Ed / Jordan)


§         Research potential of using recycle old tires for use with asphalt (Jordan / Vicki / Rick)


§         Provide bins for organic waste (table scraps, garden cuttings)  /use as mulch (Rick / Jordan)


§         Ramp up recycling for businesses and apartments (Rick / Jordan / Vicki / Alison)


§         Reduce the tonnage of municipal waste that is collected in the City and dumped in landfill by improving the scope and effectiveness of the City’s current recycling programs and by developing new initiatives. Research segregation of all recyclable materials or classification (waste-to-energy) at landfill. Move toward zero waste (Rick / Vicki)


§         Improve air quality in Salt Lake City by reducing the City’s dependence on and consumption of environmentally unfriendly energy sources used to power and heat public buildings and fuel vehicles; and by protecting and propagating the City’s forest and landscape resources (Rick / Vicki / Jordan / Leroy)


§         Retrofit public buildings with more efficient heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation (Rick / Leroy / Chris / Chuck / Steve)


§         Deliver climate change presentation throughout the community – schools, civic organizations, faith groups (Patrick / Jordan / Rocky)


§         Work with faith groups and multi-denominational group to join climate protection campaign (Jordan)


§         Community awards for effective measures to protect climate and improve air quality (Vicki / Jordan / Sam / Rocky)


§         Encourage LDS Church to implement high-performance standards in City Creek project  (Louis / Rocky / Vicki / Jordan)


§         Protect and preserve our water supply the current and future use (Leroy)


§         Preservation of foothills (Leroy / Rick / Steve / Ed / Vicki / Jordan)


§         Preservation of Beck Street Bench As Open Space (Ed / Rocky / Rick)


§         Ensure that future water/sewer/stormwater infrastructure development occurs in a manner consistent with existing standards of public safety, efficiency, and quality (Leroy)


§         Update and enhance current methods for monitoring and measuring water conservation achievements (Leroy)